Savings no longer yield anything, and high inflation does not help.

More than ever, real estate remains an excellent alternative. You can make use of the triple return – rental return, tax return and capital gain return.
So, investing in real estate can undoubtedly be lucrative, but it requires the right knowledge and approach.
Most investors who contact us are looking for the right opportunity, at a decent return and above all, carefree!

We will find the right property for you, rent it out for you and closely monitor the tenants so that you can achieve a sound return, without worries!

Savings no longer yield anything and the stock market is no longer a safe haven. Real estate therefore remains the most secure investment today! Gabriël & Jack Real Estate offers you a unique opportunity to invest in the exclusive environment of the Wilrijk park in a safe manner! With a guaranteed return! Description: Characteristic villa […]

224 m² 6 beds 2 baths

Apartment building for sale. There are 3 apartments, each apartment has 2 bedrooms. There is also central heating and each apartment has its own counters for central heating, electricity and water. The building also has a shed / garage. And you have the option add more buildings. The size of the garage is 350 square […]

400 m² 6 beds 3 baths