Garage box for rent in Wilrijk (Bist). The price per month is 95 euros, it is dry inside, and it is located under the Carrefour. The address is Bist 47, Wilrijk.

The flat is located in the Museumstraat on Zuid across from Delhaize. The flat has a surface area of 100m². In the flat there is a spacious bedroom, a terrace and a bathroom with bath. The rent is 750 euros per month, the flat rate for water is 38 euros, the rest of the utilities […]

100 m² 1 bed 1 bath

EPC value is not valid anymore cause  the building has a total renovation and isolations for the law of 2020. The apartment is located on the Mechelsesteenweg on the 8th floor in an apartment building with 17 apartments. The apartment has an area of 200m² and there are two spacious terraces. The entire building has been recently […]

200 m² 3 beds 2 baths

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